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Teacher Retirement Gifts: Results from a Teacher Survey!

Are you looking for teacher retirement gifts? Check out this list of what teachers say they actually want as a retirement gift!

At the end of any career, it’s so nice to show someone how much you appreciated the work they did throughout their life. I think teaching is one of the hardest jobs to have.

Working with kids for 30 years is not my idea of fun, but for teachers it is.

I bet that any one of us can think back and remember a few teachers who had a big impact on our lives. Since teachers give their hearts to a lot of our children, and frankly have to put up with them on a daily basis, sometimes you want to give a teacher something extra special when they retire.

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Or maybe you have friends or family members that are teachers and you are wondering what a good retirement gift would be, either funny or sincere!

I surveyed a bunch of teachers and one of the questions I asked them was what they would like as a retirement gift. So, let’s dive into the answers!

Best Retirement Gifts for Teachers

I asked this as an open-ended question so survey respondents typed in their answers. For other questions, I gave them a drop-down menu, but I really didn’t know what they would say, so I was surprised by some of the answers!

Here is how they responded:

  • Gift Cards – Amazon, Visa, Spa Day, books, BevMo, nice dinner
  • Travel vouchers, all-expense-paid trip, a night away in a fancy hotel
  • Something to remember their students by – pictures, handwritten notes, class gift, handmade gifts, a scrapbook of time at that school
  • Visits from their past students or inviting all of their students to a party
  • Jewelry
  • Plants or shrubs for the gardeners
  • Fun gifts like t-shirts, signs, rocking chair, Ipad, a nice bottle of wine
  • CASH!

Teacher Retirement Gifts From Class

We always give our elementary school teachers a favorite things questionnaire at the beginning of the year so we have plenty of ideas on what gifts to give them throughout the year.

My kids were fortunate to get two amazing teachers the last year they were teaching. At the end of the year, the class pitched in and we got them a special gift card plus made them a class gift.

And about 50% of the teachers I asked, said they would love a personalized gift from the class or something to remember their students by. A scrapbook of the year or from the entire time the teacher was at a school would be cherished. Shutterfly, Costco, and Snapfish make designing photo books pretty easy.

One year I had every student fill out a few questions about our teacher and then typed them up and made a paper binder with pictures from the class in it.

Some of the questions asked were: what was your most memorable moment in the class, what was your favorite thing about teacher X, what was something you will always remember teacher X saying, what was the funniest thing teacher X ever said, etc.

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It was so fun and sweet to see all the answers from 6th-grade students. They had an ex-military male teacher that year and I was almost in tears when the students wrote about how they would remember his encouraging words and big hugs.

Handwritten cards by past students and parents expressing gratitude were high on the list too. You can use my free Thank You printables to get started or browse through my roundup of teacher appreciation cards. has a cute list of gifts from the class for younger grades.

Travel Gift Cards for Retirement

Many of the teachers on the survey said they would love to receive travel gift cards or vouchers! So what kind of travel gift cards can you get?

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A prepaid vacation would probably be amazing but hard to pull off unless you can know the spouse. It’s much easier just to pool some money from other families and present them with a travel gift card they can use on their own terms.

If you know the person well, you probably know if there is a specific airline they like or hotel chain. If not, you can ask a friend or spouse if you know them or work it into a general conversation. See if they prefer flying or maybe cruising!

Here are a few great vacation gift cards that you can get off Amazon!

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Best Travel Gift Cards for Retirement Gifts

These gift cards would not only be great for teacher retirement, but for anyone. Travel is so expensive and if someone can help with the costs in any way, they would love it!

Don’t just hand them a gift card! Make it cute with these free gift card printables.

Free Printable Retirement Gift Card Holders

Make the teacher retirement gift card a bit more special with a cute printable and a handwritten note on the other side.

Download the printable below, there are two to choose from. Print it out on cardstock.

teacher retirement printables

Then cut around the outer edge of the rectangle with scissors or a paper trimmer.

gift card printable card
teacher retirement card diy
retirement gifts for teachers

Use removable double-sided tape and attach a travel or Visa gift card.

gift card holder free printable

Write a quick note on the bottom or flip the printable card over and write a longer one on the back.

teacher retirement card

Put the card in an envelope, a bag, or simply hand it to them at the retirement party or on their last day of work.

If you prefer to give them other gift cards, I have an Amazon gift card printable and a coffee cup PDF printable too.

Grab the Free Downloads Here!

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Click Here to download the Teacher retirement printable that you can add any gift card too!

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Click here to download the Adventure Awaits travel gift cardholder.

I hope you got some useful gift ideas for a retiring teacher from this list! I’m sure they’ll appreciate and love anything from past students and parents.

If you’d like to save these retirement gift ideas for teachers for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

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If you are a retired teacher, I’d love to know what your favorite gift was! Comment below.

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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