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FREE Teacher Valentine Printables Plus 10 Teacher Valentine Gift Ideas!

Find easy and cute teacher Valentine printables to show your kids’ teachers some love this Valentine’s Day. Plus a list of free teacher Valentine gift downloads and creative ideas!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and if you still have littles at home, that means making Valentine’s cards for your kid’s classmates.  I’ve had a lot of fun over the years making DIY Valentines for classmates and then I’ve had other hectic years where I just need a quick Valentine printable.

Sometimes the one person that gets overlooked is the teacher.  I know it’s easy to do since the class list comes home and it only has the students’ names on it.

But giving teacher Valentine’s gifts can be a quick and inexpensive token of appreciation that will mean a lot to our hard-working teachers.

I have a few teacher Valentine’s day printables (including a Sharpie Valentine) and have also rounded up a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers from around the blogosphere.

sharpie printables valentines cards

Materials Needed for Sharpie Valentine

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Putting Together Teacher Valentine’s Gifts

These Sharpie Valentine gifts are the perfect little teacher Valentine gifts. Every teacher I know is always in need of more Sharpies. If you would like to learn more of what teachers really appreciate check out my survey results for teacher appreciation!

Below there are two different sharpie Valentine printables, one pink and one blue.  These make perfect Valentines for male teachers!

Once you have downloaded and printed the one you want to use, cut or trim around the rectangle box.

To attach the Sharpie to the printable teacher Valentine you have a few different possibilities.

Option 1:  Simply tape it on.

sharpie valentine for teachers
teacher valentines gifts
male teacher gifts

Option 2:  Or you can cut small holes in the bottom of the card and feed some ribbon through.

diy teacher valentines gift
teacher sharpie printable
free teacher valentine printable

Then tie the Sharpie to the teacher Valentine printable.

teacher valentines gifts sharpie

Making Teacher Valentine’s Sparkle

If you want to go one extra step, adding some deco foil to a laser-printed card as I did on this one is a great way to add sparkly color. 

I printed the Happy Valentine’s Day teacher printable with my laser printer on regular paper, added deco foil, trimmed it, and attached it to some cardstock. 

deco foil valentine

Find full step by step and video instructions on my Thank You foil card tutorial.

craft foil valentine
sharpie valentine foil
sharp teacher valentine
mounting cardstock

Then I made some small slits through the paper with an Exacto knife and inserted a Sharpie!

teacher valentines gifts sharpie

Super quick and budget friendly Valentines gifts for teachers!

male teacher gifts valentines

Lottery Ticket Valentine’s Day Gift

Another easy and inexpensive teacher Valentine’s gift is a lottery ticket.  Pick one up at a store or even a gift card and attach it to the free lottery Valentine printable below.

lottery valentine printable

There you have it!  Simple and easy teacher Valentine’s gifts for female and male teachers.

teacher valentines gifts free printables

FREE Download Teacher Valentine’s Printables

Below are the links for the three different printable teacher valentine card.

As a reminder, all of my FREE printables are for personal use only. Please click here to purchase a commercial use license if you want to use the files to sell items.

Click here to download PINK Sharpie Valentine’s Printable

Click here to download BLUE Sharpie Teacher’s Valentine card

Click here to download I Love You a LOTTO Valentine’s card

Even More Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Teachers!

Here are a few more Valentine’s Day cards, printable tags, and Valentine gifts for teachers if you want even more inspiration for teacher Valentine ideas.

Easy and Inexpensive Valentine Gifts for Teachers

As promised, here are 10 other fun teacher Valentine gifts I found from around the web. Simply click on Continue Reading to hop over to the blog!

If you’d like to save these free printable valentines and teachers Valentine’s gift ideas for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

teacher valentines gifts pinterest

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a creative day!

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