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FREE Time Capsule Printable for 2020!

Use this FREE time capsule printable three page worksheet packet to write down and remember all that happened in 2020 – the good and the bad!

I can’t believe we have finally come to the end of the year. And not just any year…2020. The longest and craziest year I have ever lived through.

Where most of us probably want to forget this year, it will be something to go down in history books. So you or your kiddos should write down a few things to remember what the year was like. Hopefully you’ll even find some good things!

So today I have a free time capsule printable for kids and yourself to jot down a few things about this epic year. Then simply keep it in your kid’s baby book or in a binder with all the other year in review printables.

And just to add a bit of fun to your New Year’s Eve celebration with your kids, I have a couple of printable party hats that they can color in and then wear!

year in review printable
party hat coloring

If you like printable packets, make sure to check out my Christmas activity worksheets and letter to Santa packet.

What Comes in Time Capsule Printable Pack

This year in review worksheet set has three pages to it.

The first page is writing down a few of your favorite things from this past year. A few measurements about each person and then some things that they were in to.

Since we were all stuck inside this year, you might be surprised by what your favorite things are now and you might be really surprised when you read it 10 years from now!

For me, I actually read a ton more books this year than in previous years which kicked back up my love for reading. One positive of 2020 for me!


The next page you can have the kids or students draw pictures or print and paste pictures from this past year on. And then they can start thinking about what next year might hold!


The last page is a free hand writing page. This is where you, your child, or student can really talk about their feelings from this past year and what happened.

This will be probably the most interesting and cherished page to read years from now when all of this is behind us. Kids definitely had a different view of this crazy year than adults did and expressing how they felt about it is a must.


If you are a teacher, you can have your students fill in the time capsule worksheets one day at a time and then send them home before Christmas break as a Christmas present for their parents.

Or use them as gifts for their Dad or grandparents! Make your own tradition of where you stash them or when you open them.

The year in review worksheets would also be perfect to put in a neighbor gift for elfing!

Free Year in Review Printable

These time capsule worksheets are for personal use only and not to be resold!

The 3 pages file will be in PDF format in one file. It will download from a Google drive so sometimes it makes you sign in to your account to access it.

Printable NYE Party Hat

In this printable pack there are four different paper hats included.


Print them out, have the kiddos color them, staple or tape the pieces together, and have fun wearing them.

nye party hats printable
printable nye hat

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time capsule printables free
nye party hat

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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