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FREE Valentine’s Day Scattergories Game Printable!

Instant download of a fun game to play at a Valentine’s Day party. This Valentines Scattergories printable can be printed on your home printer!

Scattergories was and is still one of my favorite games when we get together for family gatherings. Having to think of unique words is fun for the whole family!

Since you all loved the Christmas scattergories and bridal shower game sheets I gave you, I thought you might love to play the game of Scattergories on Valentine’s Day!

Whether you are having a romantic evening with your significant other or hosting a Valentine’s party, scattergories is a great game to have on hand!

valentines scattergories printable

You can find the digital download at the download button at the bottom of the post.

How to Play Valentines Scattergories

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You don’t need a lot of supplies to play Valentine’s Day scattergories (which makes it a perfect game!). You’ll need a printer, copy paper, and pencils or pens.

There are two free Valentine’s Day scattergories games per sheet. Once you download the printable game below, print out as many game cards as you people. 

Then cut them in half.  I always use my paper trimmer to create nice straight lines!

valentines scattergories

Usually each person will get one category list sheet, but if you have young children, older kids will probably have to help them so they can team up!

When you are ready to play the free printable game, hand each attendee a game card and pencil or pen. Set a time limit for 3-4 minutes so the guests can’t think too long!

The game sheet has a list of different categories that the players need to come up with a word that starts with the letter above it. In normal scattergories, you would roll a alphabet dice and get a random letter of the alphabet for each game.

Since there are no dice, there are the letters C U P I D at the top of each column on one answer sheet and C A N D Y on the other game card. 

valentines scattergories

The guests will go down each love themed scattergories lists and write in a word that starts with the letter at the top (“C” for example) for each description in the first column. Some of the different ideas you’ll have to come up with for the Valentine scattergories, are love song titles, terms of endearment, and Valentine’s Day decor.

Repeat for each column using the other letters. How you earn points is to have different words (a unique word)!

It’s harder than you think!  A player might come up with an answer right away, but if it’s popular then the rest of the players will have the same word and cancel each other out.

As long as no one else wrote down the same answer, a player will get a point for that word. So the object of the game is to come up with the most unique answers!

Just like with the regular game scattergories, if they use two letters that start with the same letter they get bonus points.

scattergories answers

For example… for romantic movie titles, and the top letter was D, someone could get two points for putting down Dirty Dancing (as long as no one else wrote the same thing).

And each player can only use the same word once (so they can’t use a duplicate answer!)

At the end of the limited time set, everyone will go around and share what word they wrote down, crossing it off if someone guessed the same word.

Everyone can be a judge. People can write all sorts of crazy words that don’t make sense, so someone will have to make the ultimate decision if the word is a valid answer.

Each player gets a point for the unique word they thought of and will add up all the points at the end of all five rounds of the Valentine’s day game. The person with the highest score wins!

winning game

For another fun activity, grab our Valentine’s word search!

Valentine’s Day Scattergories Printable Download

As with all my free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files or digital downloads. Thank you!

This is a digital file in PDF format only. No physical items will be shipped.

The digital item is in one PDF file. Simply click on the download link below and the file should automatically download. 

I’d recommend just printing out the games on white copy paper since they will just be thrown away. It’s up to you if you want to have the print settings at high quality (I think the default is just fine!).

You could also have your favorite print shop or Office Depot print out the high resolution PDF to save on your printer ink.

If for some reason the instant download file doesn’t pop open, you might need to download adobe acrobat reader (free PDF software).

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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