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Cute Glitter Flamingo DIY Sign (Vinyl on Glass!)

Hi Friends!!  Today I have a fun tutorial for you on how to apply vinyl on glass to make a cute flamingo sign! 

I was brainstorming end-of-school-year ideas using my Cricut for a link party and I decided on making my daughter a graduation gift

I guess it’s actually a promotion gift since it’s 8th grade, but I wanted to give her something cute before she starts high school in the fall… eek!!

I love flamingos and I love this quote!  I think it’s perfect for high school, don’t you? 

vinyl on glass

The secret to getting all different types of glitter on the flamingo without having to spend the money on glitter vinyl is by using double-sided adhesive sheets!

Ok, I have a lot of pictures for you and a video, so let’s get started.

Materials Needed for Vinyl on Glass Sign

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The first thing you’ll want to do is design it in Cricut Design Space.  Download my free files from above and upload them into CDS (SVG is easier if you have a Cricut). 

I found this cute flamingo coloring page on  Download the file and upload it to CDS.  If you need help with this process, here is a video of how I upload it into CDS and create an outline for it to cut right on the double-sided adhesive sheets.

As I said in the video, cut out the flamingo on cardstock first!!  Watch it and see if it cuts out the inside pieces or outline first. 

My Cricut Explore Air works best to cut out the inside on Paper setting and the outline on Light Cardstock.  You only want the outline to cut all the way through! 

Mine cuts out the inside pieces first and then after it cuts the eye out, it slightly pauses before it cuts the whole outline.  During that pause, I hit the pause button on my Cricut, change the dial setting to Light Cardstock and hit Go again. 

Also, make sure you place the double-sided adhesive sheets with the blue side down!  If you want to watch a video of my Cricut cutting one out click here!

Once it’s cut, remove the surrounding adhesive sheet and take out the whole layer between the legs.

weeding double sided paper

Isn’t a Cricut amazing??  It can do soooo much!!  Check out my ultimate guide of Cricut ideas by clicking here

Adding Glitter to Double Sided Adhesive Sheets

Now, on to the fun part!  Use whatever glitter or embossing powder you have.  Start with the darkest color you are going to do.

Weed out the first layer, which is usually the very fine outline piece.  I didn’t have black ultra fine glitter so I used embossing powder.

Once it’s peeled off, scoop glitter all over the exposed adhesive and rub around with your finger.

pouring glitter on double sided adhesive paper
glitter flamingo craft

Shake the flamingo off and then use a dry paintbrush to wipe away the extra glitter.

Repeat for next dark color.  I did the legs with some brown glitter.

Then keep going, peeling off the top layer and adding glitter to it.  You can even mix some glitters together to create different colors!

glitter flamingo
peeling double sided adhesive paper

After I finished the flamingo, I applied a layer of mod podge over the top to seal it. 

mod podge over flamingo

Isn’t he cute??  If you’d like to watch a video of how I do this whole process, check out my post here where I glittered a peacock.

Applying Vinyl to Glass

Clean your glass with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner. 

Cut out your wording with whatever color vinyl you want, weed it and then start putting the vinyl on glass part of your frame.

While I’m looking at my computer, I lay mine on top of the glass first to gauge where I want everything.

Then apply a piece of transfer tape to the “Be A” vinyl, pull it off the paper backing, and then apply it to the glass where you want it.  Scrape it down.

applying vinyl to glass with transfer tape
scraping vinyl down on glass
peeling transfer tape from vinyl

Repeat with the word “Flamingo”. 

For the actual glitter flamingo, I find it easiest to use the hinge method since it folds pretty easily on itself. (You could put all the pieces on with the hinge method to ensure they get centered!  Check out my tutorial here on how to apply vinyl easily!)

Place a strip of painter’s tape across the flamingo.  Peel off the blue back paper to the tape, cut it off, and then place the glitter piece down on the glass.

hinge method with painter's tape

Peel off the blue tape.  Flip up the bottom part of the flamingo, remove the backing, and gently lay it down on the glass.  Smooth it down with your fingers.

applying double sided adhesive to glass

If you’d like to see another video of when I used this method to apply a glitter unicorn to a cup, click here!

Apply your last wording to the glass and you’re almost done!

Now, if you like it this way you can be done!  I wanted to add some more color to it, so I searched through my piles of cardstock and came out with some vibrant colors to make the whole sign pop! 

I cut down a piece of cardstock to fit behind the opening.

Then I cut a different piece of cardstock and glued it onto the mat.

diy flamingo sign

Again, you can be done here if you like it!  Put it all in your frame and check it out!

Be a Flamingo sign
vinyl on glass

I wanted to add even more of a pop so I cut out two ovals (slightly different sizes so they would be matted) and attached it on top of the cardstock.  Now, I love it!

vinyl on glass flamingo sign
vinyl on glass
diy be a flamingo sign

If you’d like to save this tutorial for later, you can PIN it now if you’d like!

vinyl on glass

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Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!



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What a cool technique!

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