Cricut Project Using Kid’s Drawings!

Infusible Ink:

These Infusible Ink Cricut projects would be perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, for grandparents, and/or as teacher gifts!

Materials Needed for Infusible Ink Cricut Project

– Cricut Infusible Ink markers (or pens) – Infusible Ink compatible coasters (I used these ones) – Cricut EasyPress 2 and mat (or find on Amazon here) – White cardstock and butcher paper – white laser paper – heat resistant tape

How to Make Freehand Coasters with Infusible Ink Markers

The first thing you’ll want to do is have your child or children draw a picture on laser paper. The images will be pressed as a mirror image so I try to have them draw pictures without words or letters.

I always like to look up the Infusible Ink heat settings on the heat guide. It tells me exactly what temperature and in what order I need to lay everything.

Place an EasyPress mat on a hard surface and them place butcher paper on top of it. This helps protect the mat because these coasters get hot! Wipe off the coasters with a lint-free cloth to make sure they are super clean and free of grease and lint.

Then place the coasters with the white side up on top of the butcher paper. Place the drawings upside down and center them on the coaster. Make sure the ink is facing the coaster and not you!

Then use some heat resistant tape to tape them in place so they don’t move around when the press is on them. I was able to do two coasters at a time with a 6×7 EasyPress2. You can probably do more with the larger ones.

Place a white piece of cardstock over the coasters (Don’t forget this step! It really protects the heat plate) Then place the EasyPress 2 over the coasters making sure every part is being covered. Let it sit there for 60 seconds without any pressure. I had to hold the cord so it didn’t wiggle on me.

Click below for the full tutorial