Cricut Mug Press for Beginners

The Cricut mug press takes personalized gift giving to another level. You all know I love giving sentimental and custom gifts, but some people (especially men) are a bit harder to think of gifts for. But everyone uses mugs!

How is the Cricut Mug Press different from other mug presses?

Most mug presses are either additions to huge and heavy heat presses or are huge and bulky themselves. The Cricut mug press is small, portable, and doesn’t get hot on the sides.

The Cricut mug press also takes out the guess work of heat settings and times! There are no time, pressure, or temperature adjustments to make. There is only one button to push – the ON button – and the machine does the rest.

Cricut’s patent pending heat plate ensures even pressure all the way around different sized mugs just by pressing down on the large handle.

This one touch setting applies the optimal amount of pressure and heat to each mug and the time will slightly adjust depending on the ambient temperature.

What mugs can you use in the Cricut Mug Press?

So, Cricut has come out with its own line of Cricut mugs specifically for the mug press. These mugs have been thoroughly tested to make sure they offer the best results with Infusible Ink. And I think they are pretty affordable and come in different sizes.

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