Cricut Shirt Making  for Beginners

Free SVG!

For this tutorial, I wanted to share everything that goes into Cricut  shirt making from the beginning to the end.   Click below for the full tutorial!

This is a question I get asked a lot so I thought we’d start here.  The simple answer is ANY!

What is the Best Cricut for Making Shirts?

Which Vinyl do I use for Cricut Shirts?

Craft and Cricut vinyl has confused everyone at some point!  There are  so many different vinyls and they are needed for different projects.

What Other Tools Are Needed for Cricut Shirt Making?

Tips and tricks for caturing this iconic city in a day.

- Weeding tools

- Light Grip Cricut Mat

- EasyPress, heat press, or household iron

- EasyPress mat

- Telfon sheets

- Laptop or computer

Wet Sand

Designing a Shirt in Cricut Design Space

Probably the hardest part of making a shirt is deciding on what design you want to put on it.  I have an entire section of SVG files you can choose from!

Click below and for the step by step tutorial and your FREE svg!