DIY  Disney Jewelry!

What All Do You Need

Mini fuse bead kit (4) Hooks (2) Jump rings (4) Jewelry pliers Iron, tweezers Round mini pegboard

1. So starting at the center of the round pegboard add a black bead. Then work around it making 3 rows around that center bead.

Once you have the inner circle, add a hot pink bead in the center and top of the outer row. Then add a white bead on each side of the pink. You could always use red beads in this step if you prefer a red and white polka-dotted bow! Then add another pink above and slightly to the side of the two white ones. On each side of those white and pink beads do rows of black.

Cover your beads with the ironing sheet, piece of wax paper or parchment paper. Usually, a set of perler beads comes with a piece of wax paper but you can use some from your kitchen or a Teflon or iron sheet if you use a heat press.

Make sure your iron is preheated to medium heat. Iron over the ironing sheet in small circles for 30 to 40 seconds. Then allow the beads to slightly cool, they will be hot! Remove the fused mouse head from the board and flip it over.

You’ll now have a cute Minnie Mouse head with bow all fused together!

Click below to turn them into perler bead earrings