How to Make a Clay Ghost (Easy Halloween DIY!)

Can you believe fall is coming??! Woo Hoo, my favorite time of year! So I’ve already started getting a bunch of fall and Halloween craft tutorials ready for you!

With only a few pieces of air dry clay, you’ll have this DIY clay ghost made in no time! Use as DIY Halloween decor in your home or give as little gifts in a boo bucket!

What you'll need:

- Foam Clay in different colors - Clay Carving Tools - Sharpie


Get your craft supplies ready. You'll need a larger chunk of white clay for the ghost cone and then smaller pieces of different colors for the pumpkin, stem, hat, hat-band, and blush.


Using a flat surface or a silicone mat, roll each piece of the clay with your palm to make a smooth ball shape. You can always trim off excess clay later if needed!


First, we will be working on the large white ghost piece. Roll the clay ball back and forth on your surface to create a cylinder type shape keeping one side wider than the other.


Use the tip of your thumb to make a small hole in the large bottom (this will help the ghost stand up nicely!).


Flatten the orange ball of clay with your palm or finger to make the pumpkin. Make a small oval shape out of the green clay to make the pumpkin stem.

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