How to Make  Resin Keychains

What All Do You Need

– epoxy resin – resin molds or resin keychain kit – glitter, embossing powder, alcohol inks  – heat gun or hairdryer – Cricut and adhesive vinyl – jewelry plyers and drill – jump rings – stirring sticks, medicine measuring cups, plastic cups

How to Make Resin Keychains

We’ll start off the same way by mixing the two parts of epoxy resin.   How much you need to mix is dependent on how many, how big, and how  thick your keychains will be.

Then I dump both solutions in a sola cup and mix them well.  Mixing is one of the most important parts of making resin crafts.

I dumped half of the mixture into a cup and then added pink extra fine  glitter.  I added enough so that I couldn’t see through the glitter  mixture.

Then use the scooper or pour the glitter resin into your resin mold.   The molds are pretty deep so put as much in as you want the thickness to  be.

Once it’s in the mold I run my embossing heat gun back and forth over it  for a few seconds to make sure there are no bubbles.  These guns are  also called bubble poppers!

Click for the full tutorial and tons of fun keychain ideas