How to Make

Personalized Yeti Cups or Tumblers

An ultimate guide on how to make personalized Yeti cups or other stainless steel tumblers including applying glitter, vinyl, your own pictures, and monograms!

– Anonymous

This list of ways to decorate a Yeti cup goes from as easy as buying a decal to adding your own glitter and monograms.


Decorated Tumblers For Beginners

Probably the easiest way to personalize Yeti cups, if you don’t own a cutting machine, is to purchase a vinyl decal on Etsy or Amazon.  There are a ton of sellers who will make customized tumbler decals and mail them to you.

Painting Yeti Cups

Another easy way to make decorated yeti cups is to paint them.  It really is pretty easy!

If you’d like to learn about different spray paints you can use and watch a video on how I spray paint tumblers, swipe up!