How to make stencils wtih a cricut

I wanted to find the best stencil material so I tested a bunch of different materials. A lot of times the type of base material you want to stencil on will determine which stencil material will work best.

Reusable Stencils

When making reusable stencils you don’t want too much of an intricate design. Super small detail is hard to cut out of plastic material.

Materials – Clear Poster Board – Cricut Acetate – Laminating Sheet – Graphix Sheet – Mylar Sheets – Wood – Paint - chalk paint or acrylic paint – Stencil Ease Spray Adhesive – Krylon Easy-Tack

Place it on the piece of wood or wall with the sticky side down. Press down well with a brayer or your fingers to ensure all areas are bonded well.

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