Hydro Dipping Tumblers DIY

Hydro Dipping Tumblers DIY

What is Hydro Dipping?

Hydro (water) dipping is the process of transferring images to a 3D surface with water. It is used in a variety of fields with all different kinds of printed graphics. But it all involves the similar steps of dipping or immersing the surface into water.

Materials Needed

– Tumbler – Spray Paints  – Bucket and water – Epoxy Resin and supplies – Glitter (optional) – Cricut or another cutting machine – Adhesive vinyl for decals – electrical or painter’s tape

How to Hydro Dip a Tumbler

I like to tape off the top of my tumblers so that my mouth doesn’t touch the resin and so there is less probability of the epoxy cracking if it’s dropped. Use electrical tape or blue painter’s tape to tape all around the top of the tumbler. 


Put it upside down in a well-ventilated area. I like to use a turn table and a spray tent. I turn mine while I am spraying painting and paint around the sides three to four times.

Now you are going to spray the paint alternating colors. It’s kind of just a burst of paint (about 1-2 seconds) from about 8 inches above the water. I started with the dark pink and then did some light pink.

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