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Window Clings Cricut: Easy Christmas Countdown Window Decor

Have you ever used the window clings Cricut makes? Today I’m going to show you how to make window clings with a Cricut!

I’m so excited about my latest Christmas decorations!  This was the first time I made window clings from the material Cricut sent me and I have to say they were really easy to do.

One year I made stencils and spray-snowed snowflakes all over my windows, but it was a little messy to clean up.  So this year I wanted something fast and easy to add to my windows and this Cricut window cling Christmas countdown calendar worked perfectly.

diy christmas window clings cricut

What is Cricut Window Cling used for?

Cricut window cling is a non-adhesive material that is removable.  Cricut window clings differs from removable vinyl in that it doesn’t leave any messy residue.  There is no adhesive to it so no need to scrape off the remaining sticky stuff!

 It sticks to most non-porous surfaces, so is perfect for windows, vases, glassware, mirrors, etc.  Once it is removed it can be stored on the reusable backing it comes with so you can use it another time!

Do Window Clings Go Inside or Outside?

Window clings are designed for indoor use.  They are durable and apply easily on the inside of a window.  They are perfect for holidays, parties or anytime you want some fun window decor!

cricut window clings christmas

Do You Mirror Cut Cricut Window Cling?

It depends.  The material can cling to non-porous from either side.  If you are cutting out basic shapes and images that directionality doesn’t matter then you don’t need to mirror cut the window cling.  With single images, you can simply peel the cling off the backing and stick it on your surface.

However, if you are applying words or a larger image where you want to use the paper backing as your transfer sheet, then you need to turn on the mirror setting. 

I cut all my Christmas window clings with the mirror setting turned on just to make it easier on me.  For snowflakes, you can’t tell if they are reversed or not!

Ok, let’s get started on how to make a window cling with Cricut.  Make sure to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how I made these Cricut Christmas window cling.  Sorry about the lighting, it’s not in my normal place!

Materials Needed for DIY Christmas Window Clings

cricut window clings tutorial

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How To Cut Cricut Window Clings

Find a design in Cricut Design Space you would like to cut the window clings out with or you can access my project here.  Size everything to fit your window, mirror, or whatever non-porous surface you are putting them on.

If you are cutting words or larger images that you need to apply with transfer paper then turn mirror setting on.

mirror setting in cricut software

If using an Explore, turn the wheel to custom settings so you get the drop-down menu on the Make It screen.

I just searched “window cling”.  Click on it.

screenshot of window cling setting

Place the window cling material on a standard grip mat with the liner facing down (so the color will be facing up).

Load and cut!

cutting window cling with cricut

Applying Christmas Window Clings

Weed off the extra cling just like you would vinyl.

window clings cricut
window clings cricut

If you have stand-alone clings, simply peel them off and place them on a cleaned window or mirror.  I did this will all my snowflakes.

For the larger “Days Until Christmas” cling, I straightened it on my window and taped it in place with painter’s tape.  Then I used a scraper, to scape all the pieces down. 

applying window cling to a window
santa window cling

Then slowly pull off the backing.  If some of the images, don’t want to stick, just scrape them down again.

window clings cricut
how to apply cricut window cling

Then I lined up the white pieces in the candy cane and scraped those down.

window clings cricut
window clings cricut

Once everything was applied, I use my scraper to gently go over the outside of the window clings to ensure they were stuck.

Now my kids can use a dry erase marker to write down the days!  I love how vibrant and cute it is.

cricut window clings christmas
cricut window clings christmas
cricut window clings christmas

If you want more DIY Christmas decor ideas, make sure to check out fun Cricut Christmas projects to make.

If you’d like to save this Cricut cling Cricut ideas post for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

window clings cricut pinterest

Here are some printable directions.

cricut window clings christmas

Window Clings Cricut: Easy Christmas Countdown Window Decor

Yield: 1 set of window clings
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Under $5

Easy to make Christmas countdown calendar using Cricut window cling!



  1. Insert the image you want to cut in Cricut Design Space.
  2. Click "mirror" setting and cut on "window cling" setting.
  3. Place cling liner side down on a standard grip mat. Cut.
  4. Weed off the extra vinyl.
  5. Use the paper backing as your transfer paper. Hold it up to a window or other non-porous surface and scrape the cling onto the glass.
  6. Peel off paper.
  7. Enjoy your custom window cling!


There is a link to these images in CDS within the post.

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