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You’ve Been Booed! Free Printable Boo Sheet & Been Boozed Printable!

Grab these free printable You’ve Been Booed printables to put with your treats to spread Halloween cheer. For adults, You’ve Been Boozed printables are included for you!

Hearing my kids squeal and laugh are the memories I cherish forever.  A lot of the squeals centered around getting Booed during the month of October.

If you’ve never received a “You’ve Been Booed” paper and treats or looking to start a new tradition among your neighbors or friends, let me fill you in.

The first part of the post will go over booing someone and then we’ll talk about boozing your friends so the adults can have some fun too!

boo printable pin
free youve been boozed printables

You’ve Been Booed Tradition Info

The basis of a neighborhood boo is to spread treats and cheer to others in secret.  It is an easy and fun custom that the whole family can get involved with. 

Usually, one neighbor starts the Booing at the beginning of October.  If you don’t have this fun tradition in your neighborhood yet, you should start it!

It takes quite a few weeks for the boos to spread throughout the neighborhood and this is how it works.  One person puts together two Boo baskets filled with treats, simple decor, favors, etc and puts a boo sheet into each of them.  

The boo sheets are two free boo printables (download button below). The first sheet states “You’ve Been Booed” or “You’ve Been Boozed” and outlines the directions of how to proceed.

bood part
youve been boozed directions
You’ve Been Boozed Adult Option

The second boo sheet will say something like “We’ve Been Booed” or “Been Boozed” and this is the sheet the recipient will hang where others can see.  Like in a window, on a door, on an outside decoration, etc. 

It just shows other neighbors that you’ve already been booed (AKA has gotten a secret treat), so they will know to skip your house and give it to someone who does not have a boo sign in the window.

booed sheet
youve been boozed printable

Booing Your Neighbors

The really fun part of this tradition is the secrecy and trying to guess who booed you.  My kids loved guessing who they thought it was and sometimes they did figure it out.

The other fun part is leaving it on a doorstep and not getting caught.  The kids love coming up with a plan on whose house they are going to boo and waiting for it to get dark.  Then they’ll sneak up and leave it on the doorstep and knock (or ring the doorbell) and run to take cover.

Yes, good old doorbell ditching with permission!  I admit, the crazy presence of all the Ring Doorbells and security camera puts a damper on this fun but finding a place where it won’t be seen can be a fun challenge.  Or parents can just not let their kids see who it was!

Once the recipients get their Boo bucket, they have two days to print out the You’ve Been Booed printables, put together new buckets, and deliver them.  Then watch for all the boo sheets go up in windows all throughout the month!

If you love the idea of spreading joy, make sure to elf your neighbors and friends during the Christmas season and egg your friends at Easter. Grab free We’ve Been Elfed printables here!

You’ve Been Boo’d Bucket Ideas

The treats you give to your neighbors can be super simple items from the Dollar Store to homemade Fall or Halloween decor.  The Dollar Store has great plastic Halloween buckets or I personally like giving the large Halloween candy bin. 

Especially if you trick or treat with little ones and leave candy outside, the Dollar Tree bowls are great to use in case you have some rugrats in your neighborhood that steal the entire bowl.

booing your neighbors

We will go to Dollar Tree or Target and get some Halloween pencils, erasers, notebooks, candy, more candy, cheap decorations, candles, etc.  I also like to make a few things to add that special touch!

Making a cute Halloween calories don’t count candy jar is quick and cheap!  (container from Dollar Tree!)

I few fun things to make if you are crafty, are a pumpkin sign, a glitter jack-o-lantern, Halloween ornaments, or DIY Fall mugs like the ones below!

You’ve Been Boozed Ideas

So we’re not leaving out adult fun, I’ve added You’ve Been Boozed printables to download and print as well.

In the pack, there is a printable You’ve Been Boozed direction sheet, a We’ve Been Boozed door sign, and two different You’ve Been Boozed bottle tag printables.

been boozed printable

You can give a whole separate boo bucket for the grownups or add a bottle of wine or spirits in the bucket with the You’ve Been Boozed bottle tag.

youve been boozed printable tag
free youve been boozed printables

To make the You’ve Been Boozed bottle tag, cut around the orange rectangle. Then cut along the black line and around the black circle to cut out the hole.

cutting boozed bottle tag

Then just simply place the You’ve Been Boozed wine sign over the wine bottle (or any other bottle of spirits!).

you have been boozed
wine bottle boozed printable
boozed printable tag

If your neighbors or friends do not have children or if you want to make a separate You’ve Been Boozed bucket, here are some ideas to add to it:

youve been boozed spirit tag

All You’ve Been Booed and Boozed Printables download buttons are down at the bottom of the post!

DIY Fall Mugs Materials & Tutorial

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links from Amazon and/or I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my links (purple text).

fall mugs pumpkin spice

How to Apply Vinyl to Mugs

Prep your ceramic mugs by cleaning them off with rubbing alcohol.  This removes any grease and helps the adhesion.

Find a file that you’d like to put on a Fall mug.  I found both of these in Cricut Access.  Cut the vinyl out with permanent/outdoor vinyl and weed off the extra vinyl.

fall mugs diy
fall mugs diy

Place a piece of transfer tape over the vinyl and scrape it down well.

fall mugs diy with vinyl

There are a few ways to apply the vinyl to the mug.  If you have a hard time getting it straight and want to make sure it’s straight, check out my video tutorial on applying vinyl to tumblers with the hinge method.

The other way is to eyeball it which is what I did here.  Peel the paper off the back of the vinyl (the vinyl should be sticking to the transfer tape).

pumpkin spice mug

Center it on the mug and press down the image in the center first.  Then press it down towards the sides.  Press it all down well with your fingers or a scraper.

applying vinyl to a mug
diy mug with vinyl

Peel off the transfer tape.

diy mugs

If you have a second color, repeat the same steps.  Add transfer tape to it.  Scrape it down and then center it where it needs to go. 

transfer paper tutorial
transfer paper tutorial diy mug
pumpkin spice diy mugs

 Make sure the vinyl cures for 72 hours before it gets wet. 

pumpkin spice mug

There you have it!  A cute custom Fall mug that you can save or put in your neighborhood Boo basket.  I made two different ones.

diy fall mugs

Make sure the Vinyl can not be put in a dishwasher or it can come off.  You can put my printable “handwash with care” in it if you’d like.

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You’ve Been Booed FREE Printables!

As with all my free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files. Thank you!

boo download

You’ve Been Boozed Printable PDF

You are all set to get Boo-ing!!  Have fun!

Make sure to Pin for later!  Hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

boo printable pin
booing your neighbors
Yield: 1-2 Boo Buckets

You've Been Booed! Free Printable Boo Sheet

booing your neighbors

Start or continue a fun neighborhood tradition by booing your neighbors. Download free You've Been Booed signs with instructions to put in your buckets!

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Buckets or Bags
  • Halloween or Fall stickers, decor, pencils, candy
  • Free You've Been Booed Printables


  • Printer
  • Paper


  1. Go to post and click the button to download the boo printables. Print two sets out.
  2. Make a trip to the Dollar Store or Target and grab some fun Halloween or Fall candy, decor, pencils, stickers, etc. Or make a couple of cute Fall mugs or candy jars (tutorial in the post!)
  3. Fill the bag or bucket with assorted goodies. Add one Boo directions sheet and one Youve Been Booed printable in each bucket/bag.
  4. Be stealthy!! This is what makes it fun. Place the Boo basket on someone's doorstep (who doesn't have a Boo sheet in their window yet!) when no one is looking! Doorbell ditching adds to the excitement.
  5. You can even hide in the bushes to watch the expressions of your recipients! Try to keep it a secret though.
  6. Have fun!

Did you make this project?

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Thanks so much for stopping by and please comment below if you have any questions!

free boozed printables halloween

Have a creative day,

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