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FREE Youve Been Boozed Printable for Halloween!

Instant download of Youve Been Boozed printable tags and instruction sheets to play a fun Halloween game with adult friends!

Kids shouldn’t get all the fun and Halloween treats during the holiday season, right??!! You all love our free You’ve Been Booed Printables, but today we are focusing on adult fun!

If you live in an active neighborhood then I’m sure you’ve been booed before (where some unkown neighbor or friend leaves boo baskets full of goodies at your front door), but have you ever been boozed??

If you’ve been following me awhile, you know I love my wine, and so do my neighbors and friends so I wanted to be able to drop something on my friends’ doorsteps that they can use too.

So our new free printables and tags are a great way to make sure the adults enjoy the Halloween season!

free youve been boozed printables

The printable file of the You’ve Been and We’ve Been Boozed PDF files are available at the bottom of the post!

youve been boozed printable

How to Use Youve Been Boozed Printables and Tags

In the pack, there is a printable You’ve Been Boozed direction sheet, a We’ve Been Boozed door sign, and two different You’ve Been Boozed bottle tag printables.

been boozed printable

You can give a whole separate boo bucket for the grownups with a couple bottles of wine or add a bottle of wine or spirits in the kid’s bucket with the You’ve Been Boozed bottle tag.

youve been boozed printable tag
free youve been boozed printables

To make the You’ve Been Boozed bottle tag, cut around the orange rectangle.

Then cut along the black line and around the black circle to cut the hole out of the gift tags. (They will look like a door hanger.)

cutting boozed bottle tag
you have been boozed

Then just simply place the You’ve Been Boozed wine sign over the wine bottle (or any other bottle of spirits!).

wine bottle boozed printable

For extra good cheer, you can add one of our Halloween wine labels to your favorite bottle of wine to give out or make your own personalized Halloween labels.

boozed printable tag

You’ve Been Boozed Ideas

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If you want to add some extra fun to the boozy treat, make full boo baskets just for the adults!

If your neighbors or friends do not have children or if you want to make a separate You’ve Been Boozed bucket, here are some great Halloween goodies to add to it:

youve been boozed spirit tag

Then when you are done booing, you can start sending out You’ve Been Gobbled treats!

You’ve Been Boozed Printable PDF

As with all my free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files or digital downloads. Thank you!

All youve been boozed PDF files are sized to 8.5×11 inches (you can learn more about the different paper sizes here). Simply click on the download button below and print the digital products on copy paper with a home printer.

free boozed printables halloween

Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Halloween!

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