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FREE You’ve Been Egged Printable: 2 Versions!

Start a fun Easter tradition with a free You’ve Been Egged printable! One standard version and one religious egged printable.

Easter season is coming! And with it bunnies, Easter eggs, cute chickens, and springtime colors!

One of my favorite traditions over the years has been our You’ve Been Booed neighborhood fun. Then we started You’ve Been Elfed and last year one of our neighbors egged us so of course, I had to jump on this new fun way of spreading some Easter cheer.

I had my daughter write some cute You’ve Been Egged poems and I whipped up these free You’ve Been Egged printables for you to download and print right at home!

There are even two different versions of the You’ve Been Egged printable. One is for secular friends and the other is centered around Jesus.

youve been egged pinterest

What Does You’ve Been Egged Mean?

You might hear “we’ve been egged” or “I got egged last night!”. Luckily it doesn’t mean what it used to mean… teenagers not using the best choices and using raw eggs breaking all over. That kind of egging was not so much fun.

Around Easter time, “egging” someone is kind of like a doorbell ditch prank but you leave something positive and that will bring joy to the family!

Egging someone is the concept of filling plastic eggs with goodies and laying them around the yard of an unsuspecting neighbor or friend or family member.

youve been egged

You don’t even ring the doorbell in this case, unless you were able to get away with it during the day. It would be too dark at night for kids to go search for the eggs so it best to just leave the You’ve Been Egged sign at the front door (on the mat or use blue painter’s tape to attach it to the door!)

youve been egged

The recipient of the egging is supposed to continue the fun by choosing two houses to egg themselves.

Once someone has been egged they cut the paper in half and hang the We’ve Been Egged sign in their window so neighbors know to not their egg house again so everyone can experience the fun tradition!

Supplies Needed to Egg Your Neighbor

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  • 12 plastic Easter eggs for each house – I usually get some from the Dollar Tree
  • small treats to fill eggs with – candy, coins, money, jelly beans, little chocolates, stickers, lego people, erasers
  • small Easter basket or pail (optional) filled with additional goodies or little toys – these DIY Easter gifts for friends would be great to add!
  • printer and copy paper
  • Printed You’ve Been Egged signs (digital download at bottom of the post)
youve been egged supplies

How Do You Egg Your Neighbor?

I find it best to decide who you want to egg before deciding which free printable you want to use.

If you choose to use the religious printable about Christ, you’ll only need to fill 11 eggs with treats. The last one is meant to be an empty egg representing Christ’s empty tomb.

youve been egged tomb

For the standard You’ve Been Egged sign, fill as many eggs as you want (I’d recommend 8-16 or so depending on how many kids live in the house you are egging.)

filling plastic easter eggs

If you are giving an extra little Easter basket of treats, print out the sign and put it in the box along with a few goodies.

youve been egged printable

If you want to hide the eggs in daylight, make sure to find a time your neighbors are not at home and go lay the Easter eggs around their front yard and porch.

Then place the basket at the front door, or place the You’ve Been Egged poem printable on the mat, or tape it to the door (again with painter’s tape!).

youve been egged

If you are brave during the daylight and want to ring the doorbell, make sure to pick out a hiding place so you won’t be seen!

The other option is to wait until it’s dark and try to hide the eggs without getting caught in a friends yard!

The next day when the person opens the front door they will find the sign and see the eggs and send their kids on Easter egg hunts!

youve been egged hunt

Then to make your Easter morning easier, grab our free Easter bunny letter printable!

You’ve Been Egged Printable Download

As with all my free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files or digital downloads. Thank you!

Again, I have two different You’ve Been Egged printables. One is for everyone and anyone you can think of!

youve been egged

The second We’ve Been Egged sign is Christ centered. The poem talks about the tomb being empty because of the fact that He is Risen!

These would be a great way to have fun with church or religious friends and perfect to add our free printable Christian Easter cards with!

youve been egged he is risen

If you love this fun Easter idea and want to take it one step further, check out this post about how to run an egg my yard fundraiser!

youve been egged

You've Been Egged Printable and Instructions!

Yield: 2 You've Been Egged Baskets
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $2

Start or continue a silly Easter tradition by "egging" a neighbor with treat filled plastic eggs (no real eggs!). Download and print our free You've Been Egged sign and poem to get started!


  • You've Been Egged Printables - see post for download button
  • Plastic Eggs - ideally 12 per house
  • Small treats to fit in eggs
  • Copy Paper


  • Printer


    1. Download and print out You've Been Egged printable on white copy paper for each house you will be egging.
    2. Fill 12 plastic eggs for each house with small treats, candy, erasers, trinkets, coins, etc.
    3. In secret (usually once it gets dark), place the eggs around the front yard and porch of one of your neighbors or friends house.
    4. Leave the You've Been Egged poem and sign on the front door (or mat) or fill a cute little Easter basket with a few more goodies and put the note in that and at their front door.
    5. Just leave the eggs and You've Been Egged note to be found in the morning.
    6. The neighbor should put up the We've Been Egged sign in their window and carry on the tradition and egg a few other houses!


We've Been Egged printable download in post.

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Etta Alston-Burgess

Wednesday 6th of April 2022

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