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FREE You’ve Been Elfed Printables to Spread Holiday Cheer!

Spread holiday joy this season with these FREE You’ve Been Elfed printables and ideas. Instant download of elfing instructions and door sign!

Do you love the tradition of spreading some Christmas cheer and joy? I sure do!

There’s no better time than the stressful holiday season to surprise a friend, family member, or neighbor with an anonymous goodie bag.

Similar to booing your neighbor during the month of October, You’ve Been Elfed or You’ve Been Jingled or even You’ve Been Tinsled is You’ve Been Booed Christmas edition (not to be confused with Elf on the Shelf fun!)

The same concept of making someone smile and to make their heart a little happier is the basis behind elfing someone. And today I have free You’ve Been Elfed PDF printables and You’ve Been Elfed ideas to get you started on this fun Christmas gift tradition.

youve been booed christmas

How Do I Elf Someone?

It’s actually pretty easy and fun to elf someone! All you need to do is put together a little treat or gift bag, insert the free You’ve Been Jingled printables, place it on someone’s doorstep, ring the doorbell, and RUN!

The fun behind elfing is not getting caught. Kids have a ton of fun with this. Mine will make plans or wait until it’s dark in order to best achieve the perfect doorbell ditch.

It’s easy to start in a neighborhood or apartment complex. You can either give elfed gift boxes to one neighbor or two. The choice is up to you! The more the merrier, right?

Once you elf someone, then they are supposed to keep the tradition going and elf someone else. The recipient puts the We’ve Been Elfed sign up on their door or in their window so others know they have already been elfed.

Then they put together a fun goodie bag to give to someone else who doesn’t have the sign up. And on and on it goes!

youve been booed christmas edition

You’ll start seeing We’ve Been Elfed or I’ve Been Elfed door signs all over your neighborhood!

ive been elfed printable

What to Add to an Elf Gift Bag

There are so many possibilities of what to gift someone when they are elfed! If you are like me, you can go the personalized gift route and make them something or you can hit the Dollar Store or Target and fill up on little gifts.

First, you need to find a bag, cute holiday box or container to put the treats in. Then decide on who you want to elf. This helps to decide what kind of gifts to include. (If they have kids or if they are single adults, etc).

weve been elfed instructionsrgb
youve been elfed printable

Add the two page elfed printable and then fill the rest of the box with goodies such as:

youve been elfed bucket

And if you want to get crafty, here are a few easy and cheap You’ve Been Elfed gift ideas including personalized gift ideas if you own a cutting machine: (most of these projects use dollar store supplies!)

I also have a bunch of other free holiday SVG files on my blog that you could add to anything. Make sure to browse through them.

Dollar Tree Cutting Board Idea

As I mentioned above, a cute and budget friendly neighbor gift idea is a custom cutting board.

My local Dollar Tree has square or circular glass cutting boards that are perfect to add some vinyl to.

christmas dollar tree cutting board

I have this free Tis the Season to be Jolly SVG file available in my Freebies for Subscribers community. Make sure to enter your email to get your password on any post in the subscriber box!

After you download it and bring it into Cricut Design Space, you’ll want to size it to fit on the cutting board. I made mine about 6.4″ x 6.6″. I insert a square the size of the cutting board so I can gauge how big I want the image.

tis the season svg free

If you want things cut out exactly how you see them, you’ll need to attach a few things. I left the dots as is so I could place them how I wanted them.

However, I did Ungroup the entire image and then select both “tis the” and “to be” (by clicking on one and then holding my Ctrl key down and clicking on the other) and then I clicked on Attach.

design space screenshot

The main point to remember when placing adhesive vinyl on a cutting board that may be used is that you want to apply the vinyl to the bottom side.

So in order for you to read it the correct way, we need to select “mirror” setting. Click the “Mirror” toggle button to green for EACH MAT. You’ll notice the words flip around.

design space mirror setting

Now cut the images out of permanent or outdoor vinyl on vinyl setting with a Cricut. Weed off the extra vinyl.

vinyl for cutting board
weeding adhesive vinyl

Clean the back of the glass cutting board with rubbing alcohol.

dollar tree glass cutting board
custom cutting board

I like to trim around the different colored words so I can lay them all down how I want them. Then I can add a piece of transfer tape to all of them at once!

tis the season to be jolly svg

Scrape the transfer tape down well.

applying transfer tape to vinyl

Center it on the back of the cutting board. I like to use the hinge method as I did on my other cutting board by placing a piece of blue painter’s tape at the top to hold it down. Then flip up the image, remove the backing and smooth it back down on the glass.

dollar tree cutting board idea

Scrape it down well on the glass and then remove the transfer tape.

diy holiday cutting board
vinyl on cutting board

Then I just applied the dots wherever I wanted.

applying vinyl to dollar tree board

The back side all done.

how to apply vinyl to glass cutting board

Then when you flip it over you see the words the correct way! Make sure you let the permanent adhesive vinyl cure for 72 hours before it gets wet.

diy dollar tree glass cutting board

You can make quite a few of these Dollar Tree holiday cutting boards for really cheap to put in Christmas elfed buckets. You might want to put a note that these are to be hand washed only!

dollar tree cutting board christmas

Pack everything up, drop on an unsuspecting doorstep, ring the doorbell, and RUN!

elfing your neighbors

FREE We’ve Been Elfed Printables

So make sure to grab your free elfing printables to get started!

There are three different PDF printables available for your personal use! Please do not resell or give away these files.

However, please share this post with friends so they can get their own elfed printables!

youve been elfed free printable

Then spread cheer around Easter with our free You’ve Been Egged printables!

If you would like to save these You’ve Been Elfed ideas and printables for later, simply hover over the image below and PIN It now!

free weve been elfed printables
Yield: 1 happy neighbor!

You've Been Elfed Instructions!

youve been elfed printable

Grab free You've Been Elfed PDF printables to start a fun tradition of secret gift-giving this holiday season. Spread some cheer and generosity to family and friends with an elf bucket.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • We've Been Elfed Printables - get in post
  • Fun items to fill your bucket
  • Holiday bucket or bag


  1. Print out the We've Been Elfed or I've Been Elfed, and You've Been Elfed instructions. Free printables in the attached post.
  2. Find a bucket, bag, or bowl to put all the treats in.
  3. Go shopping or get crafting! Find cute little gifts to put in the goodie bag.
  4. Place the two printed out flyers in the bucket along with the treats.
  5. Be sneaky! Place on a friend's or neighbor's doorstep. Ring the doorbell and run away!
  6. Enjoy the smile on their faces (from a distance of course!)


Lots of ideas for what to put in an elfed goodie bag in the full tutorial!

Did you make this project?

Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram

Happy Elfing!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

leap of faith crafting
youve been elfed christmas tradition

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Thank you for sharing!

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I love this i can't wait to get some stuff together and get it done so excited

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Monday 13th of December 2021

It really is a lot of fun!

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Sunday 28th of November 2021

Love your craft ideas!

Leap of Faith Crafting

Saturday 4th of December 2021

Thanks so much!


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